libomv-java is a Java based Client/Server library used for accessing and creating 3d virtual worlds.

libomv-java is for a large part derived from translating the Open Metaverse C# libomv library to Java.

The library strives to maintain compatibility with the Second Life network protocol and can be used for creating clients and automatons in Second Life, OpenSim or other virtual worlds which use the Second Life network protocol.

The libomv-java library is compatible with the Java SE 6 or newer (Java SE 5 may be possible but isn't actively worked on).

Capabilities system is now working properly

The capabilities support based on the Apache HTTP Asynchronous client is now starting to work after fixing various bugs in how the Apache library must get used.

Further work on the GUI application

Working on the GUI part to make chat system and friend list mostly working. More work needs to be done for Group chats.

Source code reorganization

Reorganized sources into three subprojects. Read Source code reorganization for information how to best install the sources for develpment. Also replaced the standard Swing TextView with the JxBrowser component from TeamDev to allow for more accurate rendering of the login startup pages of the various grids.

Started to work on baker in Apperance manager

Start for a complete baking process in the AppearenceManager to make an avatar not appear as a cloud and incorperating the modified jj2000 for jpeg2000 decoding. This still needs a lot of work and testing to make it actually work.

Start for a GUI main application

Start for a GUI main application that will serve as a TextClient for a start. It would be nice to also have a minimal 3D scene viewer at some point but this is going to be a feature for a time in the future when the text based functionality is mostly working properly.

libomv-java 0.6.0

First upload of sources for this library meant as starting point. This is still very prelimenary and only meant for experimental purposes.