Source code

The libomv-java project consists of several subprojects. There is the actual core library libomv-core which provides the entire network and resource handling for the SL network protocol, which is used by OpenSim and Secondlife servers.

This library makes use of various other libraries which are provided in the distribution as precompiled libraries. One of them is a modified version of the jj2000 library. The modified source code of this library is provided in the libomv-jj2k subproject. You don't necessarily need to download the source code of this library, since the libomv-core subproject contains a precompiled binary archive of this library in its classpath.

The libomv-gui subproject contains various gui components which use the awt/swing library. It will provide a text chat client and various other GUI based tools, derived from the OpenMetaverse project library. This subproject requires either the libomv-core binary archive and all its dependencies in the classpath, or the libomv-core subproject added to the libomv-gui project as dependent project. In Eclipse you can easily add another project as dependencies to a project.

The source code for all these subprojects is provided in the SubVersion repository of this project on in separate subdirectories of the project. While it's possible to retrieve everything in one go from the root directory of the repositiory it is much better to retrieve each subproject separately, especially when you develop from an IDE such as Eclipse.

They can be extracted with following svn URLs:

  • libomv-core: svn co libomv-java
  • libomv-jj2K: svn co libomv-jj2K
  • libomv-gui: svn co libomv-gui